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More Rose Gold Ulysse Nardin Replica Classico Watch For Sale

1:1 Swiss Made Rose Gold Ulysse Nardin Replica Watch is likely best known for their eccentric and fascinating Freak watches, but the brand has been expanding its manufacture prowess: this week at Baselworld 2015 they announced the replica watchrose gold. This limited edition piece packs an impressive amount of technology into a classic and nicely proportioned design that couldn't be further from the Freak.

The replica watchNardin rose gold uses a 44mm-wide case from the Classico collection and will be offered in either rose or white gold. The classic and glossy white dial is actually rendered in Grand Feu enamel created by Donze Cadrans, a dialmaker owned by replica watchNardin. Equipped with sapphire crystals front and back, the replica watchNardin rose gold is thick, but not unwieldy, especially given the thickness of the tourbillon. Mounted to a simple leather strap, it is rather charming and, aesthetically speaking, shows an entirely different side of replica watchNardin.

For the ulysse nardin rose gold replica watch, the brand created the caliber UN-178, a manually wound 3.5Hz movement with two barrels offering a minimum power reserve of seven days. More impressively, the UN-178 includes not only a 60-second tourbillon and a power reserve indicator, but also replica watchNardin's proprietary constant replica watchrose gold escapement system. Fashioned entirely from silicium, this constant-force escapement is the product of eight years of research by UN and a partnership with Sigatec, a company that produces silicium micro components.

Rose Gold Ulysse Nardin Watch

Unlike the Swiss anchor system, the replica watchrose gold uses a circular frame that supports a centered pallet fork which is stabilized by two blade springs that are 1/10th the thickness of a human hair. The movement of the balance wheel is transmitted into the blades which can only move right-left, snapping from one state to another. As the blades curve left to right only, they can replace the use of a traditional pivot. The result is movement of the pallet arms without additional friction.

This escapement has been further refined for additional efficiency by reducing the amount of force required for the balance wheel to push the pallet fork. The system actually creates excess energy that is used to keep the balance wheel at a constant rate. This entire system is then housed within the tourbillon visible at six o'clock on the dial, along with the power reserve indication that is built into the dial around the top of the tourbillon.

Available this coming May, the replica watchNardin rose gold is limited to just 36 units, 18 in each type of gold, with pricing starting at $84,000 USD. Given the impressive list of design features and functions, from a Grand Feu enamel dial, to a tourbillon and the replica watchAnchor escapement, the replica watchNardin rose gold is well-priced, and I'm sure all 36 will be snapped up in a heartbeat.