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Replica U-boat u42 Limited Edition Watch Review

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Wearing the replica U 1001 I feel pretty cool. I don't know if this is because I keep hearing the cool music that U-Boat has on their website and pondering the sophisticated marketing campaigns they employ, or if I am genuinely moved by their clever designs. It is funny, because no matter how many silly things I find in the watch, I still like it. Which goes back to my concept of it being like a muscle car. It is totally unwise for me to think about driving in stop and go California traffic in that dream '69 GTO Judge, but I think I would look pretty kick ass in the process.

New replica U-Boat Classico 925 Series Limited Edition Silver Watches:The U-Boat Classico A925 is based on the basic 53mm Classico watches. The case is entirely made of .925 sterling silver and is finished with a fine brushed polish. The A925 is equipped with a thick sapphire crystal and see-through exhibition back that offers a view of the infamous ETA 2824 calibre through a skeletonized silver plate. More silver is present in the dial's numeral and index hour markers. A black plate, placed on top of a silver one, has the hour indicators cut out of it to reveal the precious metal bellow. Basically the time is indicated on what is sometimes referred to a "sandwich" dial. A black leather strap finishes the simple monochromatic look of the watch. Combine this with the lustrous qualities of sterling silver and you got yourself as elegant a replica U-Boat watch as you can get.

Replica U-Boat U-1942 Limited Edition Watch: Giant Retro Italian Diver:Nothing completes a traditionally styled Italian diver watch like a rich brown thick cordovan leather strap - with a large titanium buckle. Inside the watch is a Swiss Unitas 6497 manually wound movement. It is a solid movement, and ideally decorated a bit, though a really simple movement. U-Boat, and other brands like this movement a lot, but I'd like to see them mix it up a bit with a little more variety. For the serious collectors, this movement is not as exciting as the outside of the watch is. Still, buyers of this replica U-1942 watch will be proud owners due to the cool design - which it certainly is. I do like how U-Boat always places in the cute little subsidiary seconds dials. They just sorta look charming, don't they? Of course the dial is covered with lots of lume, and is quite legible.

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